Singing Lessons RUTH HARCOVITZ – I Will Make You A Star


Singing star RUTH HARCOVITZ has had an extensive career as a singer, voice teacher, and coach. Teaching was a natural extension of her own performing, and over the years she has taught singers of all styles of music: from classical to musical theater and including almost every variety of pop. She has found that singers all have the same objective: to be the best they can. Ruth can guide you on the path to achieve your goals.

Ruth will help you get your best sound, help you to maximize your range and your power, and assure your vocal comfort and health.

Ruth also trains her students in song interpretation and delivery. She teaches you how to feel at home onstage and how to connect with the audience. She can help you develop your stage presence and appearance. She can help you design your own show.

A New England Conservatory alumna, Ruth’s graduate work was at the Vienna Academy of Music. She has been featured with opera companies, appeared as soloist with orchestras and choral societies, and is a favorite in resorts. Always leading a double life as a singer of popular as well as classical music, she entertains for community organizations in her own spectacular shows.

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